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A New Paradigm for Mental Enhancement Training - Mind Sculpting

With her background in engineering, understanding of neuroscience, advanced technology, holistic strategies, analytics based approach, unwavering story; her rare skillset positions her within 1% of the global population.

Karlyn works with extremely driven athletes and high achievers, who aspire to engineer their flow state to access their absolute highest level of performance output.



Manager of academic services

Karlyn brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to helping others fulfill their potential. She hosted workshops and presentations for our engineering students, alumni and industry communities. Through sharing her personal journey and experiences as a university student, engineering industry professional, and her transition to professional wellness & brain science coach she provides simple tools, strategies, and resources to support success. Highly recommended for all - education, corporate, entrepreneurs!!"


Brad- Day Trader

Karlyn was a fantastic coach and inspired me to make many changes in my everyday life. She taught me valuable routines to perform daily and they help with starting off the day with a positive attitude and mindset. These routines included breathing exercises that i do for everyday coping. She also provided helpful meditation videos and tapping techniques. The exercises she taught on how to block the past are very helpful and i utilize them everyday. Karlyn was very easy to communicate with and her teachings were easy to adopt and understand. I would highly recommend her.


Frank-Engineering Student

The talk was very informative, she definitely had a lot of information. I switched into neuroscience the following year.


Ken- Engineer, PhD, PEng

Her talk is engaging, it makes you focus on the science behind burn out and stress. It is definitely something high achievers need to know.

Karlyn never fails to inspire me. I notice a shift in myself from just being near her.


Karlyn I just wanted to say I love your work and I'm so
grateful for you. I've been putting mass amount of work over the past couple of
weeks, listening to the voice memo you sent me every single day. Your words were
like a meditation to me, they kept me going and kept encouraging me.


I feel great and I am playing great. I notice the shift right from when I get up in the morning.


Karlyn helped me TREMENDOUSLY rewire my thinking patterns. I used to have the same thoughts EVERY DAY stuck in a file folder. I don't know exactly how it works, but it does. It is like night and day; You are in great hands with Karlyn.


From the two speeches you gave and the podcast on
iHeartRadio I just wanted to let you know I just find you really inspiring and
I look up to you


Through the training I did with you, I was able to understand a lot of topics that would of been foreign.

For instance I would say I’m pretty familiar with neuroplasticity. I understand that the brain can work like a muscle (pathways you talked about) and without intention it will keep taking those same pathways thoughts.

I now understand other pathways are available but I need to be intentional enough to create them. Through intention and practice the new pathway becomes more natural. It’s got to the point where it happens pretty quickly now and I’m much more self aware of how I’m thinking and the impact of my thinking.

Even with workouts in the gym, I’m able to learn new motor patterns really quickly.


Karlyn was an informative and engaging speaker. She took
into account her audience's needs an catered her presentation and
recommendations accordingly. She also listened attentively to the audience's concerns
and offered thoughtful and actionable suggestions.


I don't know why it works or how it works, I just know I defiantly notice a difference.


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